Sunday, July 25, 2004

Things I encountered this weekend.

The Bourne Supremacy.
I really liked the first one. This one is similar, but suffers without what made the first movie so fun- Jason Bourne discovering his unknown abilities. Still, this is an above average movie in the espionage, spy, whatever genre.

Day after Tomorrow.
Cool effects, but not a great deal else. Pretty lame, preachy and cliched dialogue. Still, it was entertaining, for a while at least.

Apon the 4th viewing i rank this one below Starsky and Hutch. It tends to just sort of meander here and there, but it's still a fun movie that will make me laugh out loud.

Mr. Show, the dvds.
Sam lent me these and boy am i grateful. I'm going to look for my own copies, as I will want to watch Van Hammersley teach various subjects using a pool table over and over. This show is an overlooked beauty! It's from 95/96, starring Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, as well as featuring the likes of a young Jack Black. It's sort of the Monty Python style of sketches leading into each other. Fantastic stuff.

Thievery Corporation - The Outernational Sound
Great DJ mix of hip hop/dance beats and a real eclectic mix of musical styles. Less hip hop than DJ Nu Mark's "Hands On", but not as tight overall. This is still a really great listen. I'm starting to become a huge fan of DJ compilations now.

Herbaliser featuring Blade - Time 2 Build
Just a fantastic song. I've never heard of Blade before, but now i want to see more of his stuff. His rhymes are tight even when rhyming franticly over yet another slick Herbaliser beat. This one's off of "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

"I took a balloon up my ass to Spain" - traveller to customs officer, Mr. Show

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Once again music saves my life.

Time and time again, music is my saving grace.
This band that i've been playing in, known for now as "the Ampersands", has been a fantastic source of catharsis. It's been my life-long dream to play lead guitar and sing in a rock and roll group, and finally I'm doing it. Plus, it's with 2 of my best friends, Ryan on bass, and Sam on drums.

Thank you music (gives thumbs up).

Thursday, July 08, 2004

I hate Life

Life sucks right now
i'm turning my blog into a pointless series of emotion-filled statements.

Blockbuster sucks.

It really does. Corruption, nepotism, boooooo

Monday, July 05, 2004

Funniest people right now.

I've been thinking on and off who are the funniest people around right now. Here's the top 5:

5) Jack Black.
A big sweaty blast of over-the-top hilarity. I first discovered him in High Fidelity a few years ago, and grew to love him on the strength of his work as Tenacious D and in School of Rock. He's the only reason to watch Orange County, stealing every scene.

4) Will Ferrell.
A very popular choice, but i can't hold him back for that. He's almost as hilarious as everyone says he is. He was the only good thing about the last 5 years of SNL, cracked everyone up in Old School, and was nearly the best part of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The trailer for Anchorman makes me laugh more than most full-length comedies do.

3) John Stewart.
With the U.S. campaign trails blazing, Stewart is on fire. He effortly combines absurd and silly humour with sharp political satire. I've never laughed so much at political leaders that I've never heard of. His Daily Show is arguably the strongest show on television.

2) Conan O'Brien.
Without a doubt one of the funiest people of all time, Conan is always funny, in his writing, in his skits, in his off the cuff remarks. His real gift lies in turning jokes that fall flat, into hilarious material. Regardless of who his guests are, his show is always worth watching for him alone.

1) Dave Chappelle.
I thought the movie Half Baked was pretty funny, so I wasn't expecting comedic genius when I watched Chappelle's show for the first time. Well, comedic genius is what I got. Edgy, politically incorrect, smart, and just freaking hilarious. Chappelle's show is the funniest half hour, and probably the best "sketch comedy show" i've seen. All written and performed by Dave Chappelle. His imitation of Rick James alone is worthy of immortality.

"I'm Rick James bitch!" - Dave Chappelle as Rick James

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11, Canada Day and the Bad Plus

It's been an action packed couple of days. Let's get to it.

Fahrenhet 9/11
A much more focused Michael Moore. He's in it less, and it makes for a more "professional" movie, at least that's what it felt like. It played for laughs less than Bowling for Columbine, and I think is more persuasive. A major plus is the avoidance of the awkward finger-pointing (as he did at Charlton Heston and Dick Clarke in Bowling for Columbine), which really makes the movie seem more focused in its criticism of the Bush presidency. The only drawback was because i had read Moore's "Dude, where's my country?" many of the revelations in the movie were not new to me. Of course, the book didn't have the images of beheadings, dying civillians or an emotionless George Bush reading to school kids after being told of the 9/11 crashes.

Canada Day
Canada day always means a long walk to and from Diefenbaker park to see the fireworks. It's sort of annoying, but we always end up doing it anyways. Aiden, Ryan and I got suitably luiqored up and stumbled around the park, missing most of the Fireworks display due to our just being idiots, etc. We did the usual walking aimlessly, bumping into people we know, narrowly avoiding fights with indians (thanks to my cheersing my beer with his), and generally we had a good time. I didn't really think about what it means to be Canadian i guess. But i had fun. Hmm...maybe that's what Canada's about? Haha, i'm already regretting writing that, it's so vague and lame. But that's what these BLogs are about.

The Bad Plus
Drums, Bass, Piano. THey're like the WHo and the Beastie Boys combined, if they played in a jazz trio. Just some amazing shit. The drummer, the star of the show, just beat the shit out of his kit. He had a very small, simple kit, and he just unloaded. He was lighting fast, and used every side of every apparatus around him, hitting his mic stand, the sides of snares, rubbing his sticks on the cymbals, etc. The Bad Plus are fantastic performers and the Bassist who MC'd was hilarious. I'm going to pick their 2 cds up when i finally get some money.

"I'm just going to state the obvious...the George W. Bush administration fucking sucks" - The Bad Plus' Bassist

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Spiderman 2

I had originally wanted to go see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night, but I waited because Ryan was working and it meant I could catch the premier of Spiderman 2. The reviews were incredibly enthusiastic, and seeing as I loved the first movie, I figured this would be outstanding. I have to say, I think the hype raised my expectations too high.

It is a good movie, but I'd put it a notch below the orginal for now. It had all the action and laughs (and a hilarious cameo by Bruce Campbell), but I didn't enjoy things like the romance between Peter and Mary Jane as much as I did in the first one. Still, it was a strong movie in what I think is the best comic book movie series.

Something still makes me wish that comic book movies were more like Shyamalan's "Unbreakable", one of my favourite movies. Sam Raimi is a fine director, and has done a fantastic job with the Spiderman movies, but I'd love to see Shyamalan take another crack at the genre.

And for new villains for the Spiderman movies, how about Brian Cox playing someone?

Last dance with Mary Jane

It's a good Tom Petty song and it's the theme of last night. With football camp rapidly approaching and with it the new ruling regarding marijuana, I have reached a period of abstinance. It will not be difficult to abstain, but it's a stupid rule nonetheless. When are they going to get it through their heads- Marijuana is not a performance enhancer. I don't smoke alot, but I've been smoking here and there, and it's been more of a summer thing. But now that it's July, I'm done. I must say I prefer weed to liquor, but there's not much I can do about it now.

"last dance with Mary-Jane, one more time to ease the pain" - Tom Petty