Monday, October 18, 2004

Life on other Planets

For me, this is the definition of a great pop-rock album. 3 minute songs running the perfect balance of catchy-ness and flat out rock. One guitar, bass, drums and a whole host of effects, keyboards, and other production filling out the rest of the album. It's simple rock-pop, pop-rock, with a punky-glam edge, etc etc. Take a good melody and chorus, add good harmonies and make sure the songs rocks along, then you're set. Supergrass follow this formula brilliantly. The results are a pleasure. The album is brimming with life, each song is overflowing with ideas, many recylcled, but done so well.

Za - like a rock 'n' roll version of "chopsticks", but good, fantastic album opener
Rush Hour Soul - exhilirating rocker
Seen the Light - great Marc Bolanesque singing and good guitar solo
Brecon Beacons - good song made better by stellar production, great f/x and vocal backups
Can't Get Up - another song that could have been ordinary but finds life in Supergrass' hands
Evening of the Day - lyrics include a spinal tap homage, on the whimsical side
Never Done Nothing Like That Before - fantastic punk-tinged assault on the ears
Funniest Thing - good chorus saves otherwise weak song
Grace - classic power pop
La Song - nice harmonies and synths on this one
Prophet 15 - reminiscent of Paul McCartney's "Let em in", but in a good way
Run - Beautful Bohemian Rhapsody like harmonies, bizarre but good synth solo, great album closer

The overall sound deviates from the simple adrenaline guitar attack of their earlier albums, but the fun-loving heart of Supergrass is evident in these songs. Long loved in their native England, and still ignored in North America, they continue to make great music.

Ewan Classic Albums -
Supergrass - Life On Other Planets (2002)
the Police - Outlandos d'Amour (1978)
the Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood (2003)


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