Tuesday, October 26, 2004

the Mooney Suzuki

I've just gotten into the Mooney Suzuki. I love garage rock, and the Mooneys are among the best modern garage rock has to offer. The lead singer sounds alot like jimi hendrix, the solos are sharp, and the songs are short and precise- just as good basic rock should be. This is the kind of music that guys with dark hair and dark jackets make, and sure enough, a look inside the booklet of their second album "Electric Sweat" reveals 4 sweaty lads, dressed in leather with long black hair.

Reccomended Tracks:
In a Young Man's Mind
It's Showtime pt. 2
Alive and Amplified

"In a young man's mind it's a simple world, there's a little room for music and the rest is girls..." - the Mooney Suzuki


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