Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Breaks

We had initially posted some of our "demos" on but that didn't play for everyone. So we've posted on
You can check out a rough idea of our sound. The recording equipment was most thrifty and we used only 1 mic, so there's not alot of vocal oomph. But at the very least you get the idea.

If you like what you hear, come check us out at the battle of the bands, March 12 at Louis. Also, forward the address to anyone you think might dig it. Thankyou kindly.

"A kid with a guitar, what does he want to do? Well play like Pete Townsend, Jimi Page and Hendrix too..." - the Mooney Suzuki, "In A Young Man's Mind"

2 songs.

I've got the Band, Libertines, and Blur in my cd player on shuffle.

Here are 2 songs that anyone who doesn't know them and needs something to download should do!

the Libertines - What a Waster
It's their brilliant first single which contained both the words fuck and cunt. Well done lads, way to guarantee plenty of radio play.

Blur - Beetlebum
I'm sure many of you have heard this one, but if you haven't, definitely check it out. It's a better song than Noel Gallagher gives them credit for.

"There are fewer more distressing sights than that of an englishman in a baseball cap" - The Libertines, "Time For Heroes"

Tonight...i just wanna dance!

Dane Cook, one of my favourite comedians, has a great bit about how girls often say to their friends, "Tonight, no guys, i just wanna dance!". He goes on to explain how a guy would never say that, "fuck girls, no girls, just us dudes...".

Something i've come to understand about myself is that i enjoy dancing. Pretty much of all sorts. I like slow dancing with a lady friend (i really love the lady friend term), salsa dancing (i took my exgirlfriend to a salsa dance class once), i'd like to do ball room dancing, and my secret ambition has always to be a famous song and dance man from the 30s/40s. Then there's the classic drunken bar dancing. I enjoy that alot too. But as a guy i was bound to become selfconscious about it. Things only got worse when i worked as a bouncer and was forced to watch drunken fools flail about. Fortunately the Hose provides the perfect locale. The floor is small, the people not too clubby (less tramps, less shiny shirt wearing dorks) and the music not as loud, you can actually hear yourself calling Ryan the "Dance Commander". It also helps that my friends are also very much up for that kind of activity. We all just sort of say, 'who cares, let's just have fun' and it's very liberating and fun. I look at a place like England where all sorts of guys dance and don't worry about it. I really admire that attitude towards the whole dancing thing, just another in a long line of things English we could adopt here.

That reminds me, last night i went on a drunken tirade about how Canadian Idol represented how Canada often comes off as a bland lesser America. I continued that we needed to borrow less from America and incorporate more from our English ties. I point to Australia who have a dynamic and proud culture, culled from primarily English influence, with a small amount of North American influence. What do i know about this stuff? I was just a drunken fool, but i might be onto something.

"I get along, just singing my song, people tell me i'm wrong....fuck em" - the Libertines, "I get Along"

Friday, February 25, 2005

Here come the Killers

Just read that the Killers are releasing "Smile Like You Mean It" as their next single. It's very cool, good moody synths in it. It's not a classic North American single, but it'll do well in the UK i'm sure. People check this one out, it's very good.

"The time has come to Galvanize!" - Chemical Brothers featuring Q-tip, "Galvanize".

Rod Stewart Kicked Ass!

Note the past tense. For most of my life i always laughed at the guy. His stupid highlighted hair, the disco hit "Do ya think i'm sexy" and his recent foray into the 'great american song book'.

But then i discovered his solo album "Every Picture Tells a Story" which is pretty good, but even better is that it lead me to discover Faces. Faces was made up of half of the Small Faces (including the great Ronnie Lane), Ron Wood (now guitarist with the Stones) and Rod Stewart on vocals. Rod's voice is so raspy and rock n roll cool on all of Faces tracks. Given the right material, with the great boozy sounding backing of Faces, he's a perfect rock n roll singer. He sounds effortlessly cool while giving it his all. Check out anything by Faces to get the idea.

"Wake up Maggie I got something i got to say to you" - Rod Stewart, "Maggie May"

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Random thoughts pertaining to music...

The Black Keys ep, "the Moan" is good for fans only. It's only a sample of what they can do. 2 of the 4 tracks are covers, and they're just fairly good, and only 1 of the 2 originals is strong, "heavy soul". If you want Black Keys look to Thickfreakness or Rubber Factory.

Jet's "Rare Tracks" isn't anything special. The live versions lack the crowd noise, and therefore just sound like poor quality studio versions. However, the demos for "Sgt. Major" and "Bruises" are both very good, although "Bruises" sounds incredibly similar to Ben Kweller's "Family Tree" which sounds very similar to the Beatles "I'm Only Sleeping". the live version of "Cold Hard Bitch" is kind of fun. Chris Cester's voice is obviously worn out, you can hear him struggling to hit the notes in the chorus, but he really goes beyond the call of duty on the scream near the end, expending every bit of voice he has. The other demos are pretty weak, this album was obviously a cheap attempt at squeezing more money out of jet fans, but i knew that when bought it.

In the library today i listened to Television's Marquee Moon album. It's really something. All those spirally guitar bits and Tom Verlaine's choked whining really go well. Today i noticed how good the drumming was. The drummer lays down a lot of sweet danceable beats, using lots of high hat rhythms, it's something i never noticed. I always sort of rolled my eyes when people say things like, "it's so good, you hear something new each time", but i guess it happened for me.

The sheaf reviewd two albums this week, the local bands Ultimate Power Duo (who have some merit but are a bit of a novelty that begins to wear) and Hoja (a lame-ass boy group). They gave 4 stars to Hoja...what the hell? I really need to start writing reviews for them (what an elitist i am).

"Is it my fingers or the brain that you're teaching the lesson" - the White Stripes, "Black Math"

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I've been reading a number of books on musicians and bands. The Frank Sinatra unauthorized bio is fascinating.

I only started reading this Creedence Clearwater Revival bio yesterday (in an attempt to avoid studying) and i'm half done. While it's not exactly a detailed foray into their personal lives, which is that necessary as they were pretty clean living, it's got me hooked. They were a real hard-working band who toiled for years before they got their break. And what a deserving break it was. They had that classic rhythm section coupled with John Fogerty's stellar lead guitar and vocals. Inspite of the simplicity of his guitar solos, and maybe because of it, he's a big influence on my own playing. He did simple things, but they always sounded tasty. Then there's that voice- he could really wail away, but he always kept that tough growl to it. Unbeatable.

So i'm listening to all my Creedence again and loving it as always. Their combination of rockabilly, r & b, country and rock and roll is sublime. I also really dig the whole southern imagery that Fogerty conjures up. Above all, the band just sounds so authentic. That's probably what those years of practice does.

It's also admirable the way they appealed to all types of people. Hippies, red necks, south, north, east, west, europe. They just had that simple likeability that sort of found it's way into everyone's ears. Probably the greatest American band.

"Keep on chooglin"

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Ewan All-star Band.

So here's what i do when i'm bored at work...

I came up with my all-star lineup of modern rock. They will be known as the Ampersands, what my band was once known as (terrible i know), and they will play a once in a lifetime tour that hits New York, L.A., London, Sydney and Saskatoon.

Ladies and gentlemen, the ampersands are:

Drums - Jet's Nic Cester. He's a greasy bastard, with a scruffy beard, open shirt and always wearing that captain's hat. He's also got a great drumming style. Lots of big fills, changes between steady and big slamming hrythms. I love his sound, but not as much as i his look. Plus, he's an Aussie, so that doesn't hurt.

Bass - the Bees' Aaron Fletcher. Bass is usually not a flashy instrument, and in this day and age, there isn't anyone doing much to change that fact. Fletcher's bass lines are simple and effective, taking cues from beatlesesque McCartney work. His real strength, aside from his great lyric writing, lies in his ability to be anonymous, not saying much, but contributing to the rhythmic solidarity of the bees.

Rhythm Guitar - the Bees' Paul Butler. 2 bees, i know, but how could i leave Butler out? He's a fine rhythm player, but he's here for that voice. Perfectly suited to screaming anthemic rock songs and crooning sweet love ballads alike.

Lead Guitar - the White Stripes' Jack White. He knows a thing or two about playing lead, he does all the work in his own band, so hopefully Jack can sit back and enjoy himself abit in the Ampersands.

Keyboards - the Killers' Brandon Flowers. Representing the more pouty/80s side of rock, Flowers gives the band the much needed dose of arrogance. He'll be the vocal leader when it comes time for interviews and will provide much needed keyboard work.

Lead Vocals - the Thrills' Conor Deasy. The sappy voiced irishman will front the Ampersands. His emotive vocals will rise to new heights backed by the allstar group. Plus, he brings a little tenderness to contrast with Jack White's harsh vocals and Brandon Flower's snobby sneerings.

So that's the lineup. Here's their setlist. Each band represented in the Ampersands gets 2 songs (the bees get 3, cause they have 2 members), but only 1 of the songs can be sung by the member of that band. So here's the songs, the order, and who's singing what:

1) Last Chance (Jet) - sung by Paul Butler.
Obviously Nic Cester isn't going to sing, but Butler should sound good ripping into this raucous opener.

2) Mr. Brightside (the Killers) - sung by Brandon Flowers.
Couldn't imagine anyone but Flowers doing this one.

3) Big Sur (the Thrills) - sung by Conor Deasy.
Same as above. Only Deasy can plead "Just don't go back to big sur" just right.

4) Rollover DJ (Jet) - sung by Jack White
Classic rock feel and Jack White's voice should go well together.

5) Smile Like You Mean It (Killers) - sung by Conor Deasy.
This song gets even creepier than it already is with Deasy's whispful singing.

6) You're Pretty Good Looking For A Girl (White Stripes) - sung by Brandon Flowers.
Flowers brings some weird connotations to this one, while the band livens up the sparsely arranged original.

7) Black Math (White Stripes) - sung by Jack White.
White rips into this one like only he can. Flowers adds a bizarre synth interlude.

8) Don't Steal Our Sun (the Thrils) - sung by Paul Butler.
Butler does the Thrills service, taking vocal duties over from Deasy. Deasy, White and Fletcher provide the Byrds style harmonies.

9) I Love You (the Bees) - sung by Deasy.
Deasy makes the girls cry with his sensitive rendition of this one. Butler and Fletcher play horns and do the 'love you...' harmonies.

10) Wash in the rain (the Bees) - sung by Paul Butler
Butler leads the crew in a rousing rendition of wash in the rain. Deasy and Flowers play marakas and everybody sings on the chorus.

Tumbling Dice (Rolling Stones) - everyone sings together on this drunken-sing-along classic.
Chicken Payback (the bees) - Paul Butler and Jack White finish it off with a crazy version of Chicken Payback, getting everyone to do the animal noises, except Brandon Flowers who thinks the song is a waste of time. He heads backstage while the rest of the band finish things off.

So there you have it. Quite a thrilling tour it will be.

Yeah, i'm trying to avoid studying right now.

"see the monkey, do the monkey, pay the monkey back" - the Bees, "the Chicken Payback".

Monday, February 21, 2005

Back to the working week.

My blog looked like Joel's last week with it's infrequent but long posts.

Not particularly excited about going back to school. I'm considering taking another week off, just choosing some week and declaring it a break and not going to school. Feel free to join me in this, we'll just nominate a week and not go to school. We can go out of town on a trip or just laze about. It'll be great!

Last night in bed i had a scary realisation. I thought about how many times in my life i've apologized to people. I've done it alot. I screw up alot, but that's what happens when you're an outspoken and passionate individual, i can live with that. But the scary thing is, i can barely recall any times where someone has apologized to me. It made me wonder if i'm more prone to offending people or perhaps i just have greater feelings of guilt. Anyway, that was just something weird i realised last night.

After sunday brunch we went to A and B sound so Aiden could pick up his Buffalo Springfield cd. Taking a look around, i noticed that by some stroke of luck they had the Black Keys' "the Moan" ep. I never thought they'd get it in so i picked it up. It's got a cool cover of the Stooges "No Fun" and another version of their "Have Love Will Travel" cover. I also got the "Rare Tracks" disc by Jet. It's worth it, because i have absolutely exhausted their debut, Get Born, and need some new Jet to listen to.

My big accomplishment over the break was watching the first 2 seasons of 6 feet under. I've said it before, it's a fantastic show. The only problem is now i have to wait for the 3rd season to get its dvd release (in may). The second season ended with so many loose ends, it's just killing me to have to wait. I was hoping that the first season would end that way, because i had the 2nd season rented and waiting, but it ended on a very happy, all wrapped-up-in-a-neat-little package-way.

So now i need to find a new tv show to watch on dvd. I'm thinking about Arrested Development. But then again, i should really do some school work at some point.

"This will be our year, took a long time to come" - the Zombies, "This Will Be Our Year"

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Getting in people's faces.

How do you get your band going? Do you send demos to labels? Play lots of shows? The answer, according to Boy's lead singer, Stephen Kozmeniuk is to get in the faces of people in the industry. And that's precisely what we did last night.

Sam and I went to see the triple bill of Boy, the Marble Index, and the Waking Eyes. It was only 10 bucks, it's some decent rock n roll, although the Marble Index are pretty lame i thought, and we thought we'd be silly and through a cd of a couple of our songs on stage. When Boy were playing, who were the best band of the night, Kozmeniuk jumped off stage into the audience to walk around while singing. Sam went right up to him and handed him our cd. Sam and i had a good laugh and reasoned that he'd never even listen to it, but later after we noticed members of the band walking around Louis, he recognized Sam and came up to us to talk. We ended up talking with him for at least 30 minutes about the music business and just music we liked. Credit the guy, he talked to a couple drunken locals for that long, but he is a rising indie musician from a small town, so he probably remembers what it was like when we he was where we are now.

So he's got some of our tracks and told us to email him. It doesn't mean anything's going to happen, but it's still a cool experience nonetheless.

"You got me singing your song..." - Boy, "Same old Song"

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ray, Mixed Tapes, Nat, Made up songs.

Watched Ray last night. It's not a great movie, kind of anti-climactic and relies too much on flashbacks, but it certainly had it's redeeming qualities. Jamie Foxx is very good, as are most of the supporting cast. It's always hard to do bios well because chronologically they don't always provide a convenient movie plot arch. Still, i'm glad i saw it.

Makes me think of listening to Ray Charles as a kid. When i was in Australia as a little boy, i had this tape that had various songs from the 60s and 70s on it that my dad owned. I used to listen to it over and over, usually while playing the Flintstones Nintendo game, and 2 of Ray's songs, "Georgia on my Mind" and "Hit the Road Jack", became favourites of mine. That tape also had Steely Dan's "Ricki Don't Lose that Number", some Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Elton John, Little River Band, lots of lighter stuff, but stuff i really liked at the time. I still like alot of it now, although i never really got into Billy Joel.

Ray also would have reminded me to listen to the Nat King Cole, had i not coincidentally already been doing so that day. Ray used to imitate Nat, prior to discovering his own voice. He made a wise move to find his own way, 1- Ray has a great voice, 2- Nat was a unmatchable. Unfortunately, he's most famous for his 50s pop songs, where he was backed with all those strings. Stuff like "Unforgettable" and the like. For me, it doesn't get any better than his tro from the late 30s and 40s. Nat played a mean piano and sang so sweetly, it's no wonder he became a big star. The songs also have that kind of cutesy/silly feel that i often love. Titles like "Solid Potato Salad" indicate this.

After finishing Ray, Sam and i proceeded to make up fake Ray songs. This is done by taking 2 simple rhyming words, such as "way" and "stay" and singing them to the tune of "what i'd say". It's quite fun. Here's an example:

Hey baby now won't you stay
i just love it when you dance that way
hey hey!


Oh woman don't you be so mean
i wish you'd keep your kitchen clean
hey hey!

You have to use a fake ray charles voice (i have a very humourous one). It really reveals the fact that Ray, who had a great voice, played piano well and wrote some classic songs, wrote a ton of songs that were very similar. The chord progressions were all 12 bar blues or gospal progressions.

"Tell your mama, tell your pa
I'm gonna send you back to Arkansas" - Ray Charles, "What I'd Say"

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

4 kicks.

These are the songs in heavy rotation in my world right now:

The Foundations - Baby, Now that I've Found You
Kasabian - Processed Beats
The Zombies - She's Not There
The Rapture - Echoes

"Plastic smile under plastic sun, you burn my heart with your frigid stare" - Sonic Youth, "Plastic Sun"

Monday, February 14, 2005

The winning days are gone.

One of my favourite things to do is watch videos online. Other than the wedge, which i always miss (cause it's on friday nights), it's the only way to see videos by most of my favourite rock acts. One video that has stuck out recently is the Vines' "Winning Days" video. The song was never a great standout when just listening to the cd, but along with the video, which makes good use of stop-motion, it seems incredibly sad. And it's not that really overwrought consciously attempting to be sad stuff that i hate (like I am Sam). It's a subtle underlying feeling i get from the video and song together. Craig Nicholls is just one of the those rock stars who seems tragic. I really hope the guy keeps making music in spite of his Asperger's syndrome. I really admire the combination of musical beauty and raw passion that flows through all his work.

If you're intruiged, check it out here.

"I'm sinking like a stone
I can't breathe
I've been trying..."
- the Vines, "Winning Days"

Sunday, February 13, 2005

You scored as Musical/Rhythmic. You are sensitive to sounds in your environment, enjoy music and prefer listening to music when you study or read. You learn best through melody and music. People like you include singers, conductors, composers, and others who appreciate the various elements of music.















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
created with

They got these big chewy pretzels..ealjlsjb...5 dollars? Get out of here!

Spent the weekend doing this 'security' gig for the national speedskating competition here in town. It consisted of sitting around watching dvds on uncomfortable chairs till 5 in the morning. It wasn't that fun, but it sure wasn't any work, and i made some good money. So, now i can get some guitar stuff i've been needing. As much as i want to get a wah pedal i think a good electric tuner is slightly more essential. That'll have to wait to tomorrow, but i'm excited nonetheless.

Jay and I watched 6 episodes of Band of Brothers while we were there. It is a high quality show, with good moments, but it's far from the excellence i had heard of. Many of the battles, while i'm sure are realistic, do not make for particularly exciting watching. That's what Saving Private Ryan did, it made every battle very interesting. You knew what the setup was and the battles had lots of neat things going on. B of B's battles are a bit more of a blur. Also, many of the characters don't have incredibly distinguishing features and i have a hell of a time telling them apart when there are so many. All in all, it's a good show and i'll have to borrow the rest off of Jay to finish the series.

I've been watching Ryan's copy of the first season of Sixth feet under while he's in Cancun. This is a most enjoyable show. Unlike other HBO shows i love, such as Sopranos and Oz, or even FX's hboesque the Shield, there is no violence, and the characters are somewhat 'ordinary' people. It's a real testament to the strong writing and acting. It's great to see an HBO show that doesn't rely on heavy violence/sex/language to be compelling (not that the before mentioned shows did, they are great shows in their own right). When limitations aren't put on a common type of show like a character drama, more realism is achieved, i think. These people would swear and have sex and all those things, and it's nice to not have those things either glossed over or sugarcoated.

One more thing: Family Guy. Jay and i watched some episodes of the show while we were on the job and it helped me to further my perspective on this show. It's a very funny show, but the humour is not long lasting. I've watched these episodes many times and they don't endure like the Simpsons do. I rewatched the entire 5th season of the simpsons over Xmas break and just loved it, whereas Family Guy is growing old. Family Guy also steals copiously from the Simpsons and it relies too heavily on flashback segues like "remember that time when you...". It's a lazy show, but still very funny. It'll be good to see the new episodes as the simpsons ceased being funny years ago.

"I be tossin' and flossin' my style is awesome, i'm causing more family feud than Richard Dawson" - the RZA, "Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fuck wit'"

Thursday, February 10, 2005

A trip to A & B Sound.

A & B Sound is my favourite store in town. Is it because the people are so helpful and friendly there? not at all. I quite dislike the staff usually. Is it the conveniant location? Nope. It's purely because they have the best selection of cds and the best prices. Usually if i can't find it new at A & B, i can't find it new anywhere. And finding used stuff is not always a breeze, so generally A & B is the best bet for finding what i'm looking for.

Today i noticed what might be a new trend in cds. Both Jet and Franz Ferdinand have rereleased their debut albums (they each only have debut albums thus far) with a second disc featuring extra tracks. Usually that sort of thing disinterests me, but both bands, especially Jet, i'd like to hear those tracks. I've heard a couple of the Jet bonus tracks and they're quite good. Unfortunately for me, i bought both albums about this time last year, and i don't have money to burn on albums i already have.

Usher's most recent album got rereleased in a similar manner just recently, so i'm wondering if this is going to be a common practice.

For the record, i didn't just buy 1 cd, i bought 2. I got Kasabian's s/t and finally bought my own copy of Oasis' "Definitely Maybe". The latter was only 9.99, so i couldn't resist. So that brings my total to 1.5 cds per month. Still quite acceptable...but i'm breathing deeply, just in case i have a total relapse. I'm like an addict.

"You got pain like an addict, 10 am automatic" - the Black Keys, "10 a.m. automatic"

Top 10

According to my ipod stats, since i've had the thing, the 10 most listened to tracks are:

10) The Bees - Punchbag - 21
9) The Black Keys - Hard Row - 22
8) The Bees - These are the Ghosts - 22
7) Oasis - Live Forever - 23
6) Oasis - Supersonic - 24
5) The Bees - I Love You - 24
4) The Bees - A Minha Menina - 30
3) The Bees - The Start - 30
2) The Bees - No Atmosphere - 30
1) The Bees - Wash in the Rain - 41

Good god, have i really listened to Wash in the Rain that many times? So the Bees still reign supreme in my sad little listening world. "Horsemen", also by the bees, would likely be in the top 10, but for some reason the stats on that song seem to have reset themselves.

The list is fairly indicative of my listening. It's a steady diet of Black Keys (who have 5 in the top 20), Bees and Oasis.

"Don't wanna be a constructer of highways, sleep on sidewalks, i gotta do it my way" - the Kinks, "the Contenders"

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gossip Columns

Does anyone read the gossip column that the Star Phoenix prints almost daily? I know i do, every day, and i hate it. It's by some guy from Montreal named Doug Camilli or something and he's such a twat. Not only does he report on things like Celebrity relationships and the like, he adds in little smarmy comments. They're the kind of comments where you supposed to give a queer little laugh and go, "he's such a bitch!" in delight. I just find him annoying. There's part of me that says, this is a grown man, and he's using his little column to act high and mighty above trashy celebrities.

Yet i read it every sad...

On another note, i may buy just my second cd of 2005. (i'm so proud i've reduced my spending) I want to get the debut from Kasabian. They're billed as the next big thing, but they'll never break in the US. Still these shaggy-haired-brits know how to turn a good rock riff into a good dance song. I saw their video today on much music and it was very cool. I think i'll indulge myself, i've been so good thus far. I'm averaging just 1 cd per month thus far...wayyyyyyy below the last couple years' average.

"Chase down an empty street...." - Kasabian, "Club Foot"

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm obsessed

I've been listening obssessively to Oasis since watching Live Forever on Friday night. I just cannot get enough of this stuff. I think it's really Noel's writing and Liam's sneering that really do it for me. Otherwise they're nothing special, but they do have good melodies and that unique voice, and that's enough to do it for me.

Just the way he whines "You gotta roll with it, you gotta take your time". It's so affected, but i love it.

This is truly one of those instances where i can't describe why i like something. I can't quite put my finger on why they sound so good.

"You just gotta have it and i've got it" - Liam Gallagher, in response to what makes a good rock band.

Well said lad.

Classifications and watching videos

I've developed a category of music which i describe as sounding like a good song apon the first 30 seconds or so, but then reveals itself to be actually a fairly mediocre song. Usually this is achieved by having instrumentation and chord progressions similar to those used in actually good songs. Boy's "Same old Song", which is aptly named, was the big influence on the development of this category. I think most of Hawksley Workman's stuff fits the same category.

I just saw the video from the Trews, and they've helped me define a similar category. Songs that sound like they are good but are actually crap. Their new song, called something like "unambition" or something crap, is another load of shite that is dressed up with load guitars, crashing drums and big harmonies. Too bad it sucks.

Jet's new video for "Look what you've done", a rather pretty ballad that was one of the first Jet songs i really liked, is quite bizarre. They're playing in a cartoon forest with cartoon animals hopping around. Check it out, it's really weird.

Pilate's new video is for a song called "Overrated". Hmmm...should i hit this hanging curve for a homerun? No, that would be too easy.

"I am a broken record, i have bubblegum in my brain" - Beck, "Hotwax"

Monday, February 07, 2005

Welcome to the working week.

Got some good stuff done today. Managed to get a new lint filter for the dryer, set up this job where i'll be bartending (woohoo!) next weekend, went to class (where i had a good conversation with a cute female, looks like i'll be attending more regularly) and then night class tonight. Oh, i also submitted a review to the sheaf, but i haven't gotten any email response yet, i'm hoping they've received it.

So i've got the good day's work satisfaction going on now. I'm going to go finish watching the rest of Wonderboys, which is a really great movie that i doubt anyone on this blog circuit would dislike. More on that later.

Oh yeah, i also made 50 bucks off of my nfl picks from throughout the season, that i finally received today.
Everything's coming up Milhouse!

"Now that your picture's in the paper being rhythmically admired and you can have anyone that you have ever desired..." - Elvis Costello, "Welcome to the Working Week"

Fast track to the new week.

I had a shitty weekend. To much substance abuse, junk food, etc. I'll use this week to get back on track, hopefully.

Monday's always a good start (at least bodywise) as i have football at 6:30 am in the PAC. So i was up pounding the gym floors this morn. Now i'm eating some shitty rice dish. It's not basmatic rice, but this weird, more healthy kind. It's not enjoyable, but i'm mashing it down anyway.

I've discovered that squash is a great game. Ryan and i played for nearly 2 hours on Saturday. It'll be a good way to exercise in the future.

I'm off to school now, which is a rarity for me this semester. I love my stay at home life, but sometimes you just got to take care of business.

"I know a girl named Elsa, she's into alka seltzer..." - Oasis

Saturday, February 05, 2005

You and I we're gonna live forever

Michael and I watched Live Forever last night. 'twas a most enjoyable show. Here are a few thoughts on things pertaining to the movie:

-Damon Albarn is too defensive. You'd think he'd get over the whole Oasis vs. Blur thing and just enjoy the fact that he's made alot of good music

-Noel Gallagher is the perhaps the most honest and funny person in the business. Unlike others who supposedly "shoot from the hip", Noel really does. He lets everyone have it and doesn't mind telling you how great Oasis is in the process. It's incredible funny to hear it though.

-Jarvis Cocker has the longest fingers ever!

-As arrogant as Liam Gallagher is, he's 5 times as stupid. In the interviews he had to have the meaning of both "androgenous" and "effeminite" explained to him. Like his bro, he's entertaining, but i'd rather spend an evening at the pub with Noel.

-Oasis were very good, but only have 2 good albums, and therefore are probably not worthy of the huge status they seem to think they have

-Blur are made to look quite lame in this movie, they are a genuinely great band with lots of good songs, more than Oasis for one.

-I don't dig Pulp. They just seem like art-school geeks posing as rock musicians. Liam Gallagher summed it up well, "I spend time on my hair because i'm the lead singer in a rock band, you look at these bands are they're all fronted by a bunch of twats". Harsh, but Oasis had the "fuck you" attitude in their look and sound. I don't get that from Pulp, and they don't have much in the way of melody, so what else is there? I know there are some die-hard Pulp fans around, so give me some rebuttals here.

-I was surprised at how low Liam and Damon's speaking voices were. They have lower voices than me, but sing much higher than i do. Sort of the best of both worlds i suppose.

"Maybe I don't really wanna know how your garden grows..." - Oasis

Thursday, February 03, 2005

My Harry Potter alter ego...

You scored as Sirius Black. You are a gifted wizard and very loyal to your allegiance. Whilst you have a big heart and care very much about those around you, you can be a little arrogant and reckless at times.

Sirius Black


Albus Dumbledore


Draco Malfoy


Harry Potter


Hermione Granger


Ron Weasley


Remus Lupin


Ginny Weasley


Lord Voldemort


Severus Snape


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
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Pretty cool. Sirius Black is probably the coolest character in the whole Potter series. So i guess it goes without saying that i'd be him...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Focus Groups

On Sunday i got a call on the phone asking if i'd participate in a...bla..bla... I started to tune out and prepared to give the old "sorry, i'm not interested". But then i heard the magic words "you'll get 60 dollars for an hour and a half's work" and i clicked back in. I went to the Radisson for it last night, and other than the 60 bucks that i desperately needed, i got some insight into how older people function in group discussions. I'd guess i was the only person there under 25, and the majority were over 35. I've been involved in group discussions lots at school, but that was usually involving people under 25.

There were about 15 people, and i was amazed at how poor these people, who did seem to be of reasonable intelligence, were at directly addressing the questions posed by the group leader. They went off on tangents, started discussing specific and unrelated incidences and even sometimes just reported anecdotes as opposed to giving an opinion. I'm pretty sure the group leader noticed that i seemed to be understanding the procedure as anytime we diverged from the intended topic of discussion he seemed to ask me a question to get us back on track. I was clearly the youngest guy there, but i felt like i was pretty much the only one who was doing what a focus group was supposed to.

In case you're wondering, the discussions focused on minimum wage and the current hoopla regarding the part-time/full-time seniority thing.

Oh yes, the thing was being videotaped, and i was sitting in the middle of the cameras range, so anytime it moved to the other side of the table it got a shot of me. When this annoying guy was ranting away, the camera passed me and i gave a Tim from the office style raised eyebrows look that i'm hoping will be amusing for those watching the tape.

"I don't rhyme for the sake of riddling" - Chuck D