Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday and I'm feeling tired

But that's expected, as we had 3 gigs this week (and we are just not used to it) but they also had us on very late, but i'm not complaining cause it means our stock is rising.

Thanks to all who checked out the gigs this week. It kicks ass to have people there like you guys supporting us.

In other news, the Coral's new album comes out mid-May and it just became my most anticipated album of the year for the following reasons:
-Noel Gallagher was quoted as saying their new material was fucking amazing or something to that effect after seeing them play live
-I've been listening to their albums more than any other artists' lately
-Lead single "In the Morning" is a brilliant little pop song

If you're not too familiar with the Coral i suggest you check them out. They have a fantastic sense of melody and as Jessica would say, are very 'pirate-y'. They have a very nautical sound to them and they do sing about skeleton keys and spanish mains. Lead singer James Skelly has a fantastic voice. It's lower and it's got a real warmth to it. His liverpudlian accent is very comforting too.

There, trying to tip the Blog scales back towards musings on music and away from being an advertisement for my band.

"She wrote my name on the red telephone box. when i got there she'd already rubbed it off" - the Coral, "In the Morning"

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Breaks...again

I know, another Breaks post...but we've been very busy with the band lately. A couple dates to let y'all know about:

-tonight (Thurs, the 28th) we're opening for the Mudmen, some band with 2 bagpipes in it (i think they are kind of pop punkish, but hey it's a paying gig). It's at Lydias, we should be on around 10

-Friday the 29th (tomorrow) we're the last band at the S.O.L.D. benefit at Amigos. It's our first amigos gig and we're looking forward to it alot. We've got a very cool opening segue into our first song planned.

I'm tempted to blog more, but the keyboard i'm using (i'm in the library learning commons) is sticking like a mofo so i'll do it when i get home.

"You gotta Cool it Down!" - the Velvet Underground, "Cool it Down"

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Breaks

Tuesday night (tomorrow or tonight depending on when you're reading this) the Breaks will be playing at Lydias around 1130 i'm told. We're doing 6 songs, 3 of which are new and i'm very excited about! If you could come down and shout a bit we'd be most appreciative. For one, we'd get to see your lovely faces, and two we need the support!


I've been enjoying a few things that have been recommended to me lately. Firstly, Arrested Development is a fantastic show. I've been watching it with Anders and Anton who have been borrowing Joel's copy. It's a truly wonderful show. It's got that Seinfeld knack of creating nifty terms for weird things (i.e. "never-nudes") and the Curb Your Enthusiasm way of earlier events coming around to affect later events. It's manic and the characters are hilarious characterizations. There are no weak actors. Seek out this show if you haven't already!

Secondly, I've been thoroughly enjoying Mando Diao who Bruce recommended based on my hyping of the Blue Van. They are a splendid mix of garage rock aesthetic and Oasis melody. I'd love to see these guys play live.

Finally, i discovered today that Anders had a burnt copy of my beloved Bees' "Sunshine Hit Me", apparently courtesy of Jessica. So he graciously burnt me a copy and i've been loving it since. I knew it was a less 'band'-like album, more studio-style recordings, and that's fine with me! I love this stuff. It's full of lovely, soft tones. Hammond organs, all kinds of percussion, delay and tremolo effects, high and low horns, falsetto vocals, just fantastic stuff! I absolutely envy bands like this. 1) they have the luxury of recording all types of instruments and effects in a studio and 2) these guys are just damn good. Not only do the Bees have a knack for finding ways to get the best out of a variety of instruments, they have a talent for melody and atmosphere. Sure Jack Johnson can sing softly about good times on the beach, but the Bees' "Binnel Bay" does it in a way that affects me more. The lyrics are odd, there are all kinds of sounds meandering in and out. It sounds more like my pleasant memories- because memories aren't photographic and they aren't narratives. They are coloured by moods and half-images. Nothing is complete and everything is changed. This is something i think about constantly. Memories of the past always intrigue me in this melancholy way. I should post on that another time i think.... short, the Bees' first album is a fantastic piece of work from 2 near-geniuses. I'll call them the white-neptunes. Hey, i like that! Their second album showed a desire to write more 'pop' or 'rock' songs, probably so they could play live (obvious consdering they played all the instruments on album 1 and brought in 4 new guys for # 2), and it was a late cut from my greatest albums of all time. There is no band who's album i await more eagerly than the Bees.

"I wanna hold you like the sky holds the sun" - the Bees

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Albums part deux

Alphabetized, albums 8-14 are:

Elton John - Rock of the Westies (1975)
Often considered one of the worst albums of his prolific career, Rock of the Westies is John at his most rockin'. It's not quite as expansive as Yellowbrick Road, but it veres off in new and exciting directions. John's songwriting was always strong, but the real star of the album is Gus Dugeon's production. 'Dan Dare' and 'Island Girl' are great examples of this. Simple songs filled with crunchy percussion, synths and guitar licks that float in and out, there's so much for the ear to hear. But it's not all ear-candy. The opening medley of Yell Help/Wednesday Night/Ugly is sublime rock n roll and 'a bullet in the gun of robert ford' is classic Elton piano-man songwriting. This is one of those albums that i love turning up loud.

Jurassic 5 - Quality Control (2000)
The 6 man crew from L.A. will always be my favourite hip hop crew. Their beats are funky and innovative. The rhymes are fun, meaningful and positive. The MCs have great diversity, from Zaakir's cocky bounce to Akil's slurred delivery to Marc 7s subtle flow to Chali 2na's jawdropping baritone. DJs Nu Mark and Cut Chemist are master beat makers and turntablists. How much do i love this album? I once listened to this cd 20 odd times in a 2 day period. Jurassic 5 were responsible for my renewed interest in hip hop (i used to love hip hop as a kid and lost interest during early teen years), and in part modern music in general.

The Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood (2003)
Before they shaved their moustaches, dressed in designer clothes and played cutting-edge rock, those 4 lads from Tennessee played jangling dirty guitars and sung about whisky, hookers and sleazy sex. The combination of Garage Rock boogie and Caleb Followill's freakout vocals were exactly what my ears needed to hear. I still can't get enough of this album. There's so much atmosphere in songs like "Joe's Head" and "Trani", and the driving power of "happy Alone" and "Red Morning Light" have me coming back to this album again and again. At one point, the Breaks did 6 Kings of Leon covers, all off of Youth and Young Manhood. And we ended both Battle of the Bands shows with "Molly's Chamber".

Paul McCartney - Ram (1971)
Ram is the sound of a master song-writer given free-range in the studio. For Paul McCartney, it resulted in a wonderful collection of songs. There's warm and cute songs like '3 legs', 'Ram On', and 'Heart of the Country'. There's epic rockers "Monkberry Moon Delight" and "The Backseat of My Car". If you don't mind Paul's tendency towards sweetness, this is a near-perfect album. The songs are diverse, brimming with charm and filled with musicality. Perfect harmonies, studio effects, hummable melodies, varied instrumentation, Paul fills the album with every element and balances them all with ease. If you're like me and you have a capacity for silliness or a tendency to find whimsy endearing, this album is nearly unbeatable.

N.E.R.D. - In Search Of... (2002)
Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams are masters at song-writing. They write good melodies, catchy riffs and have an endless assortment of synth sounds and drum patterns. "In Search Of..." is a truly remarkable album. There are so many great songs; the album has no weaknesses. The combination of the slick instrumentals and Pharrell's masterful falsetto croon are a wonder to my ears. It amazes me that this album wasn't bigger than it was. The songs are so strong and the appeal is hip. I can listen to it endlessly...not to mention endlessly drunken-dance to it.

The Strokes - Is This It (2001)
There was a point where i basically turned my back on modern music, listening only to older music, predominantly the Beatles, Chicago and Led Zeppelin. The one band i hold responsible for renewing my interest is the Strokes. I know they were the hippest of the hip (and therefore no longer to hip to be a fan of) but i will always love the Strokes. I happened to catch them on the New Music while flipping around and was instantly attracted to them. I downloaded all that i could (wasn't quite buying cds at that point) and listened to them endlessly on my minidisc player. They were the sound of my grade 12 year. I loved that it was skinny guys with long hair playing music again. I hated the rock stars of the time such as Fred Durst, and love to see these guys with ties and leather jackets playing again. It's such a cliche, especially now, but it really got me back into new music.

Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (1973)
One of my most listened to albums, both as a kid and now, Innervisions has alot of sentimental attatchment. But i have no doubt that my love is also founded on the strength of the music as well. Songs like "Golden Lady" and "Visions" are beautiful and moving, "Too High" and "Higher Ground" are funky and exciting, and the album's greatest track "Living for the City" is the perfect blend of song and story. I can remember being horrified at the use of "nigger" during the mid-song 'skit', as well as the grittiness with which Stevie sings the final verse. Both moving musically and emotionally, Innervisions is a fantastic album.

Well there you have it. To Recap:

Ryan Adams - Gold (2001)
Air - Moon Safari (1998)
The Beastie Boys - Check Your Head (1992)
The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)
Chicago - Chicago III (1971)
Al Green - Let's Stay Together (1972)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland (1968)
Elton John - Rock of the Westies (1975)
Jurassic 5 - Quality Control (2000)
The Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood (2003)
Paul McCartney - Ram (1971)
N.E.R.D. - In Search Of... (2002)
The Strokes - Is This It (2001)
Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (1973)

The 80's didn't get an entry, but i still like the variety of years and the combination of old and new entries. That's pretty much it. Those are the 14 albums i would take on my desert island or whatever.

Friday, April 22, 2005

My Favourite Albums

If you're a music nerd, there is nothing more sacred than your favourite albums. Sure there are individual songs and artists that you love, but it all comes down to that ultimate nerdy concept of an album. So with much further ado, here are my favourite albums:

Only one album per artist is allowed (this rules out multiple entries from the likes of Stevie Wonder and obviously the Beatles). The selection is based on a number of variables including personal significance, the overall strength of the songs, number of individual great songs, the flow from track to track, etc. Ultimately it's just my choice.

The list has been whittled to 14. Hardly a pretty number, but it's the best i could do without continuosly adding more and more albums and at the same time, i didn't feel that i left anything out that was equal to an album that had been included.

It's also worth mentioning that while i love Led Zeppelin, the Kinks, CCR, David Bowie, Supergrass, the Beach Boys, the Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, Prince, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan and the like, they have no single album that stands ahead of the rest and demands inclusion. For the record, my favourites by those artists respectively are Zeppelin I, Arthur, Green River, the Man Who Sold the World, Life on Other Planets, Pet Sounds, Enter the 36 Chambers, Stankonia, Dirty Mind, Court and Spark, and Pretzel Logic.

So in alphabetical order by artist, my 14 favourite albums from 1-7 are:

Ryan Adams - Gold (2001)
In Ryan Adam's Gold i can hear the sounds of summer. Some songs evoke the rousing, communal fun of block bbqs and busy summer-related festivities. Others are the quiet and lonely nights, spent outside under the stars. He took heat for being a copy-cat on this album, but i could never agree. The songs are diverse, reaching from sparse folk to country-rock, and all the while maintain Ryan Adams lyrical and emotional honesty. When i listen to a song like "Firecracker" i feel the joy shine though the opening harmonic lick as well as the longing in the chorus that asks 'maybe be my baby tonight'. Each song sounds like alot of good and bad days and nights i've had, and i'm sure i'll have in the future.

Air - Moon Safari (1998)
Some music make you feel like you're on psychadelic drugs (i.e. jefferson airplane or early Pink Floyd) or they give the feel of a stoner's haze (i.e. the Doors), but Moon Safari is like being incredibly high on oxygen. Your head feels huge, filled with air and you float about in a state of bliss. But it doesn't just elevate your mood. It is musically quite interesting. Layers of synths dance beautifully with horns, gurgling sound f/x, lovely french vocals, all combining to make this album perfectly suited to providing background relaxation, as well as music worthy of examination. I used to listen to this album whenever i walked onto campus, helping to reduce the feelings of anxiety associated with School.

Beastie Boys - Check Your Head (1992)
Forget Paul's Boutique, this is the Beasties album. Funk, hip hop, rock, it's all mixed up and mashed together, but never does it feel like a departure. The Beasties are adept at every turn they make. The rapping is their trademark style of goofy self-deprication and the funky jams are energetic and tight. The flow on the album also deserves mention. The album serves up a perfect balance between rapping and instrumentals, mixed with humourous samples including the always hilarious "Blue Nun". It is always a joy to listen to check your head, and it's usually best listened to with a friend who knows it as well as you (looking at my man Ryan here).

The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)
Like i said in a previous blog, i can't believe there's better music in existence when i'm listening to this album. From the onslaught of single-calibre song after single-caliber song (think "Come Together", "Oh Darling", "Something", "Here Comes the Sun") to the wonderful medley of Because to the End, it's the greatest band's greatest work (in my opinion, obviously). How it all ends with that last line (excluding her majesty) "the love you take is equal to the love you make" just kills me. When i first heard it it was an absolute revelation and it still moves me to this day (what a softy, i know). I could go on for every about it, but i'll just finish by saying i can't listen to any other music for about a day after listening to Abbey Road in its entirety.

Chicago - Chicago III (1971)
For 2-3 years i listened almost exclusively to Chicago. When you play jazz and love rock, it's appeal is huge. I know chicago are synonymous with lame-ass ballads, and they certainly have their share, but their early work is something worth checking out. Chicago III reminds me of a billion things because i listened to it so much. It has what may be my favourite song ever "Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home", a blissful la-la-ed melody with crunchy accoustic guitars and flute. The albums' also filled with suites of songs that move from one to the next, with blazing instrumentals and impeccably strong pop song writing. Early Chicago had that great combination of musical virtuouso and tight song-writing that i still admire today.

Al Green - Let's Stay Together (1972)
The personal importance of this album has a huge bearing on it being here, but i'd rather focus on the music side of things. Al's voice was great, because he always knew how to hold back. He'd scream and immediately haul that scream back in and make a sound of anguish. And boy does that ever sound more powerful than just letting it go. Let's Stay Together is a very warm and loving sound, the humming organ, the simple brass, the tight rhythm section and on top of that Al's crooning. Nobody crooned with more expression and passion than my man Al.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland (1968)
A fucking epic album. There's every kind of song on this album, tight pop songs, big expansive moody pieces, blues jams, and on every type Jimi jams in as much fuzzy guitar pyrotechnics as possible. This is the greatest guitar album ever made. Just witness Jimi take "voodoo chile' or bob dylan's "all along the watchtowe" and blow them right open. As a young kid this stuff made my jaw drop and put stratocasters in my dreams. And the album isn't just flash guitar work. There's soul in Electric Ladyland. Jimi's voice is expressive and heartfelt. He was one of the most loving and kind people around say those who knew him. He just happened to be able to blow things apart with a guitar.

I'll do 8-14 tomorrow or something.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Radiohead # 1

Has anyone seen the MSN list thing that has the top 100 albums of all time according to some survey thing. It puts Radiohead's "OK Computer" as the best album of all-time.

Everytime i read about OK Computer's greatness all i can do is go "oh come on, are you people actually listening to other albums?". Yes it's a good album and it did things that were different for the time, but it's really not that special.

But then is subjective...lists don't's just whatever you like yourself...but why do i get worked up by these lists and arguments?

"Radiohead look like a bunch of fuckin' students" - Noel Gallagher

Monday, April 18, 2005

Help me make money.

I NEED new pickups for my guitar. The ones i have hum like a mofo so i gots to replace them. The only problem is i'm a little short on the moola. So my question is, does anyone have any ideas on how i can make quick cash? I want to get these pickups before we play the show on the 29th. I've already done my recycling so that's not a possibility. And please don't suggest prostitution...despite how hilarious and original that would be...

In other news, i bought the Louis XIV ep (see, i save money by not buying the full length disc) and it's very good. The rock songs stomp about in glammed up glory. Lead singer Jason Hill sings like a cross between Marc Bolan and Rex Harrison (quite the combination, i know). The real surprising track is "Marc" which is like a magical mystery tour era slow Beatles track. They use that vocal effect that's on "Blue Jay Way" so it's got this great melancholy feel to it.

"Me, me, me, me is all i think about" - Louis XIV, "Louis XIV"

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I felt like a kid again.

Hot Hot Heat made me feel like i was 10 years old last night, them and all the beer i drank. I had a great time dancing like a fool. A few thoughts:

-Louis XIV looked very impressive in a glam way on stage, but once they came off they were incredibly short
-the Futureheads sounded a hell of a lot like they do on their record
-Steve Bays' perm is ridiculous
-Guys who do the thing where they push the big group of people infront of the stage (i'm not gonna say mosh pit, it was Hot Hot Heat afterall) suck
-girls who act as if you've taken their first born child every time you bump into them because someone else pushed you shouldn't be at a rock show

I thought all 3 bands were very good, and what i heard about Hot Hot Heat not being a good live band i can't support after last night's performance. It can't be easy for Steve to sing like that night after night and he sounded like he was in great voice.

"...I feel like i'm 10 years old" - the Zutons, "Zuton Fever"

Friday, April 15, 2005


The Breaks auditioned for Ness Creek last night, and what a mighty audition it was. We played what was basically an open stage at Lydia's and we played well. So it's up to the commitee to decide if we're going to be well received by old hippies and young stoners alike...just kidding.

It'd be great to play at Ness, an open air stage, the camping, playing for a big crowd. Very cool stuff.

Ok, off to Hot Hot Heat now!

"He was in the habit of taking things for granted, granted there wasn't much for him to take" - Hot Hot Heat

My Blog

My blog predominantly deals with music, most of which is the popular music i'm listening to, etc. I sometimes wondered if i should maybe make a conscious effort to include some other topics in my blog, but decided against it. Case in point- my post on Charles Darwin. A pretty nerdy post, i'll admit, but there was just something about the way my brain was working after all that studying that made me do it i guess.

Anyway, my blog will continue to be a journal of my listening as well as a soapbox for me to spew my opinions.

So Hot Hot Heat, Futureheads and Louis XIV tonight, allright!

"Running with scissors wasn't smart, i tripped and cut up in your heart" - Hot Hot Heat

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Greatest Scientific Mind

I was thinking recently, and it's only been strengthened by my studying for this historical geology final, that Charles Darwin is among the greatest minds of all-time. His theory of evolution is truly astounding. The implications it has in a number of fields, including my own 'beloved' psychology, attests to its incredible importance.

"Come on, Do the Evolution!" - Pearl Jam, "Evolution"

Monday, April 11, 2005

Music News.

3 things:

1) US government is putting Nirvana's "Nevermind" album in some vault for the future so that future generations can listen to it. As if there won't be copies existing in future audio formats...
But the things is, the article on this mentioned Nirvana, Public Enemy and the Beach Boys as being in the vault which had me wondering- what about the Beatles? Surely the greatest music act of the 20th century deserves to be in there. And just as i started typing this up i realised it's because they're not American...

2) The new White Stripes album is called "Get Behind Me Satan". What?...

3) The Glastonbury festival lineup has been announced and it's another in a long line of reasons why i wish i lived in England.


  • White Stripes
  • Coldplay
  • Kylie
  • The Killers
  • New Order
  • Doves
  • Elvis Costello
  • Brian Wilson
  • Van Morrison
  • The Zutons
  • The Coral
  • Ash
  • Kaiser Chiefs
  • Goldie Lookin' Chain
  • Jools Holland
  • The Thrills
  • John Butler Trio
  • The Undertones
  • The Subways
  • Taj Mahal
  • Hayseed Dixies
  • Garbage


  • Razorlight
  • Kasabian
  • Ian Brown
  • Fatboy Slim
  • Royksopp
  • Bloc Party
  • Interpol
  • Rufus Wainwright
  • The Bravery
  • The Futureheads
  • Echo And The Bunnymen
  • Athlete
  • The Dears
  • The Cooper Temple Clause
  • Hot Hot Heat
  • Soulwax
  • Cake
  • Thirteen Senses
  • Brendon Benson
  • Martha Wainwright
  • Tom Vek
  • Black Bud
  • Dead 60's
  • KT Tunstall
  • Modey Lemon
  • Engineers


  • The Tears
  • The Go! Team
  • Bright Eyes
  • The Earlies
  • Willy Mason
  • MIA
  • Secret Machines
  • M83
  • Yourcodenameis:milo
  • Maximo Park
  • Nine Black Alps
  • Jem
  • James Blunt
  • Dresden Dolls
  • The Subways
  • Be Your Own Pet
  • Rilo Kiley
  • The Rakes
  • Art Brut
  • Hard Fi
  • The Longcut
  • Morning Runner
  • Infadels
  • Outset
  • El President
I think i just shat myself looking at all the really cool bands that are on that bill. Why oh why do we live here in the middle of nowhere...

"Please remove the dagger from my back i stagger as i walk" - the Blue Van

Check out the Blue Van

I'm still riding high on the Blue Van, you can check their myspace site out here with 4 of their songs. I sent a message saying how much i liked their music from our breaks account and they messaged back saying they thought our tracks were great! Breaks/Blue Van World Tour! Ok, that's enough.

"I remember the days when we were broke, without a dime" - The Blue Van, "I remember the days"

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Get in the Blue Van

The Blue Van are a 4 piece from Denmark that sound straight out of 1966/67. Shades of the Kinks, Who, Yardbirds all that fantastic maximum R & B stuff. They're lineup is vintage: guitar, bass, hammond, drums, and it really suits their 'rave-up' style. The drums roll and scrash, the guitar riffs and the organ coats it all with that lovely 60s sheen. Very retro, but still very cool. I'm just loving it. Plus they use mellotron, so that's pretty much a greats start right there. Then there's the song names "What the Young People Want", "Word from the Bird", etc. Anyway, if you like mod, british invasion, maximum r and b, any of that, GET IN THE BLUE VAN!

"Come on Comrade, use Humanity" - The Blue Van, "Word from the Bird"

great meaningless lyrics too

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

it's so close i can feel it...

...summer that is. I like us all am eagerly awaiting the great break from school and the change in weather. I'm gonna need to get a couple new pairs of flip flops (pretty well all i wear in summer, even at the bar) and that new Hot Hot Heat album. Michael was playing it today and boy does it sound good....hang on, maybe i've got my gst cheque and i can afford it, i'll check...Yes! i did! ok i'm gonna get the new HHH.

Michael also tracked down the Kaiser Chiefs for me, so i'm enjoying those lads as well, good stuff. The sounds of summer! This time last year i was pumping Jet, Kings of Leon and Franz Ferdinand. I love those associations you have with new music.

"Oh my god i can't believe it, i've never been this far away from home" - Kaiser Chiefs, "Oh My God"

Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Breaks

11:20 at Louis.

The times keep changing cause the promoter is a spineless loser.

The Breaks

11:20 tonight at Louis.

The times keep changing because the promoter of this event is a spineless loser. More on that at a later date.

Friday, April 01, 2005

New Discs

Got 3 cds on Tuesday to satisfy the craving for new music. The last disc i bought was Who Killed the Zutons which i listened to death already (a sign that it was a good purchase). So far, the newest 3 are shaping up to be good choices as well:

The Coral - The Coral
Every review of the the Zutons hints at the similarities between the two bands (both from Liverpool, both play similar styles of english sea-side rock n roll) and it's true. Most of the reviews label the Zutons as sort of knocking off the coral, but they have some differences. The Coral are a little more out there in some of their songs, and they are more nautical, if that makes sense. Nonetheless, they have great tunes and their singer has a great voice that switches from early 60s beatlesque to gruff on a dime.

Beck - Guero
Big expectations and for the most part this cd satisfies. E-pro is pretty good, but tracks like Girl and Que Onda Guero are the real hits. It's not quite his old Odelay style like critics keep hinting at, but there's a similar life to the songs. Plus he's got his jokey-folky rapping back on, which is great cause it takes me back to grade 7. Que Onda Guero is like walking down the street in the most interesting way possible, it's really quite a pleasant little jaunt of a track.

Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze
I kept listening to it online and eventually couldn't resist. And what a good purchase this was! An early contender for album of the year, this is fantastic. More than before, Josh Homme knows when to cut loose with a punishing riff or to dial things back and let loose a fantastic falsetto vocal. Tracks like "Burn the Witch" with its whispered chanting, "Someone's in the wolf" with its sound fx of sharpened knives, and "Lullaby" featuring Mark Lanegan's great vocals give the album a very dark and almost fable/nursery rhyme like darkness. It's hard to explain, but the album sounds dangerous, dark and straight up fucking cool. That last sentence should be used to sell it...
"...dangerous, dark and straight up fucking cool" - Ewan Currie
Anyway, i've been listening to it non-stop and i'm really taken aback by this album. It's got the album of the year spot at this point.

" The knot is tight, on my blindfold
I got my flesh full of blood, i hate rock n roll" - Queens of the Stone Age, "You Got A Killer Scene There, Man..."