Sunday, May 29, 2005

The White Stipes

The new album is about to come out and the first review i've read, from SPIN, gave it a B. Now, b is a good grade, but not for the stripes, who are worshiped by all rock critics. And considering the way Rolling Stone truck out 4 stars for Eminem's most recent garbage album makes me wonder if SPIN is still being kind to a disaster of a record.... We'll see. I may even like this album best, but i'm guessing that the Stripes stumble a bit on their steady ascent to greatness. Like i've said before, they haven't made a truly great album yet, in my humble opinion.

The B letter grade also belied the review which was loaded with veiled dissapointment.

The new Oasis album, however, got an A-. That has me very intruiged. I think i may just buy that one after all...

I know, i always criticise crtics, but sometimes they accidently make the right judgements.

"I Can Hear the Grass Grow" - the Move

Friday, May 27, 2005

More Random Thoughts

-I don't get paid for a bit, but when i do i'm going to snag the new Coral album for sure. I have 4 of the tracks off of it and they get played every time i open my winamp

-Oasis' lead single "Lyla" has everything a song could ask for, except for a chorus. There's no payoff to the song.

-I don't think much of the first Coldplay single (speed of sound). It's not bad, but it ain't amazing. I'm pretty sure i'll get their new album, but i wasn't the biggest fan of a rush of blood to the head. Their first album, Parachutes, is a fantastic album and remains their best work.

-The White Stripes lead single has a definite Death From Above 1979 sound to it. Very heavy on the low end, messy distortion. It's not really growing on me though...but of course i'll buy the album.

-Mando Diao and the Soundrack of our Lives have been battling it out for the most plays this week. Sort of a battle of the swedes i suppose. That has me wondering- along with the Hives and the Hellacopters, what's going on in Sweden to create such sweet rock n roll? Likewise with Denmark and the Blue van and Ravonettes.

-I was saddened but not surprised to see Bo Bice lose American idol. He has a pretty wicked voice, but he's no bubblegum singer. Even though people have been saying, "Just cause he lost doesn't mean he won't have a career.." etc., i doubt we'll hear from him for much longer.

-Eminem's latest song is a fucking joke. Absolute dog shit.

Finally, would some band come along and just grab the continent by the throat and throttle it with a big guitar riff? It's been awhile, but we had a few contenders with Jet's "Are you gonna be my girl" and the Stripes "7 nation army" . Now what do we have? "Jerk it out" by Caesars? fuck me... I'd love for some kick ass rock group to just kick the fuck out of every bloody lameass Ludacris and 50 cent video. Not to mention the fucking lame-ass BEP, who even on their last album, were pretty cool.

"'s the motown blood in my veins!" - Mando Diao, "Motown Blood"

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Worst blogging ever...

I've joined the ranks of Joel and Ryan with my infrequent blogging....time to get back on track. Here are a few thoughts:

-Mando Diao are rising the ranks, quickly becoming one of my favourite groups. I got their debut album finally and boy does it kick ass. A lot more old garage/motown influences. Like a more melodic stooges. I'm glad i heard their second album first b/c it allowed me to enjoy it's different tone before really sinking my teeth into this album, which is better.

-Ryan Adams and the Cardinals "Cold Roses" is really good stuff. Probably the shortest double album of the cd era...but that's Ryan Adams being Ryan Adams (complete with the mock lp cd case). The best tracks are the first 2 "Magnolia Mountain" and "Sweet Illusion".

-the new Star Wars is the best of the new movies. It's the first time i like characters and dialogue in a new star wars movie and not just the f/x

-the life aquatic is a great movie that will find much love from the hardcore Wes Anderson fans, but will always be a dissapointment to casual fans. In short, i'm glad i have this dvd.

-Kingdom of Heaven is pretty good. It's funny- i enjoyed that they didn't try to ring emotional impact out of every single death (which annoyed me in movies like LOTR) but at the same time, the movie failed to make a lasting impression. Still it was better than Troy and it's nice to see a bit of sword fighting action. However, i had just seen star wars 4 days it pailed by comparison there.

-the Royal Tenenbaums is fantastic even after all these viewings. I love all the characters and the whole presentation. Wes Anderson has always struck a chord with me (ew i hate that cliche...).

-it's nice to see the Kinks' "Picture Book" on that ad.... i know i know, sell outs or whatever, but it's cool to hear that tune. I don't have it on cd cause i can't find Village Green anywhere but i love that song.

"I wanna love you but i'm growing old..." - Mando Diao, "Mr. Moon"

Saturday, May 14, 2005

This and that.

The Sadies were great last night. Their brand of country rock and spaghetti western instrumentals was fantastic. I especially loved the way the lead singer would say the same phrase between each song: "thankyou very much ladies and gentleman...this next song we'd like to play for you..."

I've become a bigger fan of Mando Diao with each day i listen to them. I think the best 2 band description would be the Libertines meets Oasis. They have a great raw almost punk like energy that mixes with strong melodic choruses.

I often make those 2 band descriptions. They are fun.

I haven't listened enough to the new Ryan Adams album, but what i have listened to i really enjoy. It's odd how summer has found a way to be busier than the school year.

For some reason i can't find much else to write about...
...oh i guess we didn't make ness creek, it certainly didn't help that less than half the commitee was in attendance at our audition, but oh wells. The Breaks are headlining tonight at Amigos and that should be a good time. Also, we jammed with Mark and Johnny D from North of Shorty last night and had a blast with more guitars than any band should ever have. Look for some kind of onstage collaberation in the future.

"Well i turn left just like you told me to, mmm i get excited by the moves you do" - Mando Diao, "God Knows"

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Summer Job

One of the benefits of working in the library is that i get to listen to music while i'm working. This was a big reason for my getting the ipod. So, thus far, i've worked just about a week as part of my summer job in the library, and so far i've been listening to lots of Beatles, particularly MMT and the White Album. The newest Mando Diao has been getting regular listens as well. It's really a lot better than i initially thought. They are rather similar to the Libertines, and i'm finding that part comforting as the Libs have split for good (and their most recent album just wasn't that good anyway).

In my room i seem to just keep playing the same disc over and over- Rubber Soul. I guess i'm partly just too lazy to change it, but why fix something that ain't broke. It never gets old, so i just keep listening to it.

Football camp/hell starts tonight and goes till Sunday so i'm gonna try and get my zen on this afternoon. I might dig out something that reminds me of summer and just chill to that.

"Say the word and you'll be free" - The Beatles, "the Word"

Monday, May 02, 2005

The woes of money

My money woes continue... Ryan Adams has a new album out tomorrow and i cannot afford it. Oh well, i'll just have to wait till i get the cash. But it still sucks, cause this is one of my big artists and early indication is that this album is the stuff i've been waiting for. It's credited to Ryan Adams and the Cardinals and it's a return to his country-rock stuff (which i absolutely love). Critics have called it his strongest work since Heartbreaker (after all they didn't all care that much for Gold).

The opening track is the only one i've heard and it's absolutely killer. Plus, it's a double album! Which is vintage ryan adams, seeing as it's the first of a planned 3 releases this year. He loves to put out every bloody song he ever thinks of. Gotta love that ego.

"The best things in life are free, but you can keep them for the birds and the bees"