Monday, June 20, 2005


Well summer is a busy mofo of a time. Every time i begin to feel guilty for not blogging i justify it with the busy-ness of work, my band and the enticing outdoor weather.

The Breaks are really rolling along very nicely. We just finished a couple of opening gigs, one for touring band Castle Project, the other for local band Surface at their cd release party. We also had a couple of our own headliners that went well too. We just finished up a batch of our home recordings that you can check out here.

I just got a new guitar (well it's just rented right now, but it will be mine!) and it's a beauty. It's an epiphone semi-hollow body and it just sings through my amp. It's got a big round tone that is a nice contrast to my strat.

I'll post again sooner with other musings on the usual topics.

"It will be mine...oh yes..." - Wayne's World.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Summer Plan

So i have a billion cds, many of which i haven't listened to nearly enough. (so why are you buying new ones Ewan? shut up rationality!). Anyway, i know i've heard Joel say often "i have that album but i haven't really listened to it" or something to that effect, and i'm guilty of the same thing. So i have a new plan to rectify the problem. I'm going to pick a cd from my collection that i don't know particularly well and listen to it intensely for a period of time. I won't put a set amount on it, b/c rules are no good, so i'll just listen to it untill i think i've given each song a fair chance. I think this will be really cool because:

-i will save money as i'll be listening more to the cds i own and desiring new things less
-i'll improve my knowledge of many artists' catalogues (every music nerd's dream)
-i may find a bunch of great songs that i never knew existed!

the last one i'm particularly excited about, nothing beats finding a great new song.

I'm pretty excited by this plan. My first cd will be the Byrds' "the Notorious Byrd Brothers", a cd i bought to try and get into the Byrds. I dug it out recently to listen to "I wasn't born to follow" and i've been listening to the whole thing more and more.

I'll keep the blog updated on how this experiment goes.

"10 little soldiers screaming in my soul" - Mando Diao, "Mr. Moon"

Man I love the Gallaghers!

Check out this story on Liam vs. Oasis.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Albums

Today's post is brought to you by the Byrds' "I Wasn't Born To Follow" which i've been listening to over and over today.

Today was a big day for new albums. The White Stripes, Coldplay and BEP are the big ones. I picked up the Stripes and Coldplay. So far i haven't listened to the coldplay one, i'm reserving that for when it's late and dark and all that, and i've only listened to half the Stripes disc, which hasn't grabbed me immediately, but how many albums do that?

I also got HAL's debut album, which is sort of like the Thrills....well not really, they're just a poppy Irish group so they get that tag. The first song on the album is very nice "what a lovely dance" so i'm hoping that album grows on me with subsequent listens.

I also got Chappelle's season 2 dvds. We watched the episodes to death on the internet last summer and were pretty sick of Rick James right around the time every drunken guy started saying "I'm Rick James, Bitch!". My buddy Gotts (who's currently playing with the Riders) and i were all about the Prince sketch anyway. It's Dave playing Prince, playing basketball. Absolutely hilarious.

"I will want to die beneath the white cascading waters
She may beg, she may plead, she may argue with her logic
And then she'll know the things I learned
That really have no value in the end she will surely know
I wasn't born to follow"

Friday, June 03, 2005

Jack White Marries?

So jack got married in Brazil. The statement they released informed us that it was the first wedding for both bride and groom.... everyone knows that Jack and Meg were married...or were they? or does it matter? Is it all just working up attention and publicity for the release of Get Behind Me Satan? next tuesday?

Plus Renee Zellweger just got married. Does that have anything to do with it?

Oh Jack White, why are you so enigmatic?

"I wanna be the boy to warm your mother's heart" - The White Stripes