Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is Ryan Adams spreading himself too thin?

Ok, it's still too early to tell, as i've only listened to the first half of Ryan Adams' (and the Cardinals) Jacksonville City Nights, but i don't really dig it so far. He sounds worn out and tired, and when he doesn't sound tired he sounds false and put on. Maybe it'll grow on me, but at this point it's a much weaker effort than Cold Roses was. I know he writes at an impressive rate, but fuck man, edit yourself. Anyway, i'm getting ahead of myself there, because as i said, i haven't gone through the whole thing, but i thought it'd be amusing to write down these first impressions.

The new Supergrass album amazing!...just kidding...i actually haven't got it yet. Only a and b had it and it was rather expensive, but i'm just gonna have to bite the bullet i guess.

A rather nice suprise is Matt Mays and el Torpedo's selftitled album. It's remniscent of Tom Petty, and i'm really digging it. Rock with a subtle southern/country flavour. Nothing too flashy, but all the players are solid and Mays' voice has a good raggedy rock sound to it. They're coming to town soon as well it seems. This is the album i've listened to most since tuesday, when those other new albums came out. I sure wasn't impressed by the lead single 'Cocaine Cowgirl', but now that it's just another song on the album, i can dig it. If you're looking for some really solid rock 'n' roll, especially on an album that has great song by song strength, Matt Mays may be your man.

According to Cam Fuller's article in the paper today Boy had a rough show last night opening for Collective Soul. That's really too bad, as they're vastly better than the headliners, or the band that preceeded them, the dreadful rap-rock group Kazzer. I guess their brand of rock was maybe too Brit or classic sounding. It's too bad, b/c they'll leave with the impression that this town is just for hicks...sigh.

Monday, September 26, 2005

It's Love You're On.

Picked up a couple of debut albums last week, by the Magic Numbers and the Stands. I still haven't listened a great deal to the Magic Numbers one yet, but from what i have heard it is rather good. I'll expand on them when i listen a little more.

The Stands are rootsy-sounding pop, they always get compared to Dylan and the Byrds, and i've been listening to their debut album "All Years Leaving" alot. Their singer has that great yearning quality to his voice, that really lends itself to this type of music. The instrumentation doesn't vary alot from song to song, but the song-writing is good and the arrangements are solid. It's great fall listening as it matches well with the chilly fall breeze and the brown colours. I recommend the following if they sound up your alley:

"When this River Rolls Over You" (although the melody sounds almost exactly like the Beatles 'Rain')
"It's Only Everything"
"Always is the Same/Shine On"

I guess they have a new album out already too, "Horse Fabulous". I've only heard one track, "turn the world around", but it is a gooder, as they say.

I'd also like to say a couple words about the Redwalls. They're a group I got into at the start of Summer. They are the most Beatlesque of all the Beatles imitators. At times they sound identical to the fab four, usually from the mid 60s period and sometimes the Let it Be era. This is in large part due to the lead singer sounding almost exactly like John Lennon. Sometimes it's so close that it gets distracting, but most of the time they make damn good rock n roll, real 60s stuff. Check out:

"Hung Up on the Way I'm Feeling"
"It's Love You're On"
"Build a Bridge" (where the new name of my blog comes from, don't ask why, i just like it for some reason)
"I Love Her"

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Upcoming Releases.

There hasn't been alot of new album that i've been anticipating over the last couple of months, but finally things are starting to come out that i'm interested in. Next week alone has Ryan Adams' second album this year (the first, "Cold Roses", was damn good), Supergrass (who have made 4 albums all of which are good to great), and Blackalicious (whose "Blazing Arrow" was a fantastic album i listened to over and over). I may just buy all 3...if only i didn't want to buy cds by Tricky Woo and Black Mountain at their upcoming shows...

There's also new albums by Neil Young and Big Star (an awesome pop-rock band from the 70s) and quite a few mainstream stars like Sheryl Crow and Gretchen Wilson.

Then the next week there's a bunch of notable releases again:
-the Go Team (overhyped UK band)
-Franz Ferdinand (exciting!)
-Broken Social Scene
-Fiona Apple (alot of people waiting on this)
-Nickelback (woohoo...)
-the Magic Numbers (i think i'll be getting this one)

Of course, the real fun is in finding new music that is already out. Although i made a top 10 list for 2004 back in December, a remade list would probably only feature half the original entries.

One particularly album that comes to mind that i missed from 2004 was Lesley Feist's (i don't like just calling her Feist) "Let it Die". She's gonna be playing Louis in october i think, and you better believe i'll be there

Monday, September 19, 2005

Today's Listening

I've been pumping a couple of songs over and over today.

Black Mountain - Druganaut
It was on the radio this morning (cfcr) and i've been playin it twice in a row throughout the day. It rocks and has a sweet groove. Black Mountain are opening for Coldplay on a couple dates and their coming to Amigos for 10 bucks!

The Magic Numbers - "Love Me Like You" and "Don't Give Up the Fight"
It's pretty poppy-rock, and the square delivery of these singers is kind of cool. I love that there's nothing ironic about their singing too. That's a strike i have against the new pornographers who sound as if they're sort of laughing at the whole pop-rock thing (as well as sounding like music for 40 year olds). I like these magic number guys
i'm gonna check them out some more.

Holy toledo...

...this is an ugly blog template. I can't find one i like yet, but i'll keep trying.

So back to the music: i got a couple more Rolling Stones albums this weekend (they're going cheap to coincide with the release of their new album). The more Stones i get, the more i do actually like them, but the more their mystique dissapears. Any argument about them vs. the Beatles is ridiculous. The Stones basically had 5 great songs and then they did them over and over. Case in point: Sam saw them at Sarsfest a couple years ago and swore Keith started one song and had no idea if it was Brown Sugar, Bitch or whatever song untill everyone else came in.

Anyways, the Stones do rock a hell of a lot, they just lack the variety of the Beatles.

More later.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Build a bridge and bring both sides together.

so i guess i might start blogging again. But i was looking at anders blog and it's pretty sharp looking. It made me realise how lame mine is. I dont' even know how to post photos...

so could someone help me out with this. Help me spruce it up a bit.

Let me know.