Saturday, December 31, 2005

11 albums, here we go...

Sorry, just couldn't whittle it down to 10...anyway here it is.

11) The Cribs - The New Fellas
The problem with talking about these lads is that inevitably you have to compare them to the Strokes. Yes, they certainly have that rough, late 70s new-wave punk sound a bit, but they also have a healthy dose of sing-songy melodies, making them a bit more like the Libertines. Ok, that's enough comparisons. What the cribs do well is combine punchy melodies with a rough and tumble sound. It's dirty, fast and exciting. It's indie sounding, but it's also catchy. I'm liking this disc the more i listen to it.

10) Oasis - Don't Believe the Truth
My view on Oasis is that they have a talented songwriter and a unique vocalist, but otherwise they are not great musicians. Every song on "Definitely Maybe" (a great album) is wall to wall guitars, save i think one track. This is the first album where the instrumentation is as good as the songwriting. There's a variety of guitar tones, lots of shakers, keyboards, all that good stuff. As a result, the songs sound extra-sharp, and i listened to this album alot. "Lyla" sounds awesome cranked up and there's plenty of pretty tunes too: "Love like a bomb" for example. The album's best track is probably "The importance of being idle", a great ode to laziness that's close to being the most interesting song Oasis has ever done.

9) Supergrass - Road to Rouen
It's short, only 9 songs and just over 30 minutes long, but none of these songs feel rushed. It's less like their last disc "Life on other Planets" and more like their selftitled album, where song structures were varied, allowing for extended instrumental sections. The result is a breezy, easy-going album. I've heard people say it's good for late-night listening, which is true, but it's not limited to the evening. For example, the creaky accoustic guitar and shuffling McCartney piano of "Low C" is a perfect summer afternoon song. The one drawback to this album- the fact that it's Supergrass that made it. It's not quite as good as the last album, and knowing that, it's hard to really love this record. However, it's still the sound of a great group exploring the sounds of the studio.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hey there

I made a list of albums i liked from this year. I'll be posting on them soon, maybe later today even. Also, check out my sheepdogs site for a couple new things. Just click here.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I've been making some little weird song-like things on my computer lately. If you wanna check them out they are here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Here's an album i've always underrated...

Wings - Wild Life

Do you Believe in Magic?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Library...

Excuse me while i continue my advertising for public libraries... but the library continues to be a valued source of new sounds. Today I picked up a bunch of stuff including an Os Mutantes greatest hits! Shit yeah!
Also very pleasing thus far is this cd of Orquesta Casino De La Playa, sort of like cuban bigband. It's recordings from 1937-1944. Boy it's good.

I'm taking a break from watching Apocalypse Now for an essay i need to write. It's been awhile since i last saw it and i've forgotten how good it is. Full of excitement, danger, drug-induced paranoia, it's obviously a classic, but one i always felt was maybe a tad overrated. I disagree now, there's no denying the authenticity of the film, and plus there's Marlo...actually it just occured to me that it is from a combination of Apoc Now and the making of documentary Heart of Darkness that i formed my Marlon Brando imitation.

Joe Jackson

I got both Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson cds out of the library, and for some reason i'm listening to the Joe Jackson ones a hell of a lot more. He's got that slick, rock-pop sound of that era and it's some sharp stuff. That is all.