Friday, January 13, 2006


1) The Bees - Free the Bees

From the second i first heard "I Love You" i was captivated, I knew i needed to find as many songs as i could by this band. When finally i got my hands on a british copy of "free the bees" i was blown away by every song. Sure they sounded like a 60s group, and what do you expect when you put a bunch of hairy englishman with drums, guitars, bass, hammonds, rhodes, and loads of brilliant songs into Abbey Road?
And talk about brilliant songs. From big rockers like "Wash in the rain" and "Horsemen that left me with visions of long haired guitarists trapsing across festival stages, to the psychedelia of "These are the Ghosts" where we're urged to "think of a lesson as a weapon in love and teach your sister teach your brother", this album has it all. It gets quiet too such as the beautiful waltzing "the Start" and the soul inspired "I Love You" as well as mastering that beatlesque pop with "No Atmosphere" and the awesomely fun "Chicken Payback".
In short, the Bees are exactly the kind of music i like. Sometimes it rocks, sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's weird, but always it's with a positive word and a keen ear for melody and rhythm.


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