Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random thoughts from 2006.

I really dig pop-culture, but by no means is my knowledge of it complete. I mean, whose is? Well some people try to be all knowing, taking in all the movies they can, listening to the years' hot records and watching the top-rated tv shows, etc. Personally, my approach is a lazy-man's approach. I half-assed check out things that seem to be of interest and if i dig, then i check them out some more. Having said that, i present my random thoughts on things enjoyed and not enjoyed this year.

Most enjoyed DVD - Little Britain season 1.
A brilliant mix of silly men in drag (shades of Python and Kids in the Hall) and excellent comedic performances made this british series a great follow-up to the Office, which endeared itself to me the previous year. Little Britain has great premises that really get the laughs thanks to the hilarious portrayals by David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Sure to have you busting that terrible english accent out to not impress your friends with your bad imitation of Lou and Andy.

I also must through a shout-out to the great Arrested Development season 2, where the character of Gob finally came into his own, stealing every scene he was in. "Yeah, the man in the 5 thousand dollar suit, come on!"

Best movie of the year - Walk the Line
ok, so i only saw about 5 movies, 2 of which were Wedding Crashers and 40 year old Virgin (both i liked) but nothing got me more than Walk the Line. I saw it in the theatres twice, just as i saw Troy twice the past year (haha...), and it was awesome. Joaquin was fantastic he had me totally convinced, even though he didn't sound like Cash that much, his presence pulled it off.

Hon mention to Grizzly Man, the movie i was completely depressed by amongst a theatre of laughing viewers. See this documentary if you can.

The movie that needed an hour cut from it - King Kong
It was great, amazing, spectacular. Oh the effects! Oh the action! but really, do we need all that storyline...3 hours worth? I want Peter Jackson to make a 100 minute movie next time around.

Series that finally showed some balls for the first time in 20 odd years - Star Wars 3: Return of the Sith
This movie kicked ass, and so did the characters. Who knew Ewan McGregor could be badass with that goofy beard?

Most dissapointing album of the year - Kings of Leon "Aha Shake Heartbreak"
By no means a bad album, but just incredibly disheartening to hear the Kings trying to be hip dance-rockers, when they were true-blue southern rockers... I used to believe every dirty word out of Caleb's mouth...but now...

Hon. mention to the White Stripes' album, whatever it was called...i've already forgotten...sorry Jack, i just don't want to hear you play piano, go get your guitar again.

Best Concert - Arcade Fire
Hands down. I don't even really like their songs, but they blew me away live. They had the crowd in complete rapture, it was near spiritual. I couldn't have been more impressed and despite my personal reservations about them, i'll never question their legitimacy amongst the top bands of our age.

Released 2 too many albums and needs an editor award - Ryan Adams
4 discs of material...whoo i was tired listening to it all. Some of it was awesome, check out "magnolia mountain", "let it ride" or "sweet illusions" from Cold Roses, but when it's all over 3 albums, it's just too much. How are we supposed to take him as sincere when he releases so many songs all on the same old themes...the man's ego is really getting in the way me thinks.

Best super-gay song - Franz Ferdinand "Do You Want To"
So gay and so damn good. Gay in that way that Blur's "Boys and Girls" made you mince about. Well it made me mince about at least.

Song of the Year- The Redwalls "Build a Bridge"
It's nothing new and sure it bites Joe Cocker's cover of "with a little help from my friends" but man this song brings the good vibes.

Hm...that's about it for now. I may think of some more.

Later Alligators.


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