Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Radio

We all hate commercial radio for it's lame djs, endless commercials, and above all, the terrible music. Still i thought i'd say a few words after beginning a new job which takes place in an environment where the radio plays:

-i got all primed up for what was advertised as a song from "the BRITISH INVASION!!"...who could it be? some early kinks? maybe a little my generation era who? no...it was fucking bohemian rhapsody! I do love that song, but considering the setup i was most dissapointed.

-Copperhead Road is one of the worst songs of all time

-How are Kiss so popular? They do not rock in my books

-turning the dial from lame programming on c95 to another station, only to find "Up on Cripple Creek" playing really makes your day

-99% of new music played on the radio is absolute crap...it boggles my mind to think that artists like Joel Plaskett are still relegated to indie status, while a whole host of tuneless bands with no idea how to write a melody get played on the radio

Ok, that's enough radio ranting. It's pretty old news. But still! it's infuriating!

Baby you got me on the run!

So despite the new Sam Roberts album's shortcomings, i just keep on listening to it over and over. It's really weird, because i love to listen to it, yet i don't love the album... I do love a couple tunes on it. "Mind Flood" is probably the best. The first half the band bounces along, just another rock tune, before opening up a huge rock-out session on the final 4 minutes. The transitions between tempos is just awesome.

I threw on Roberts' first full length just now(we were born in a flame) and if i gave the new album 3 1/2 stars, this one gets 4 1/2. Nearly all of the 14 songs are good or better, with a couple standouts like "Taj Mahal". It also makes me realise how the 2 albums are different in their own ways. The first is more a collection of really strong pop-rock tunes. It's better than just a mere collection of snappy tunes thanks to the variety of moods that Roberts hits. The new album (called "Chemical City" by the way) is a bit more unified. It's very moody, and feels a bit more cohesive, that is, most of the songs have the same sort of lost/downer feeling to them. Still it's not that depressing, except for the last song, but mainly for the fact that it sounds like the kind of Ryan Adams song i hate (simple piano chords and heavily reverbed vocals).

still, i just can't stop listening to this disc.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


...i've been listening to mainly Joel Plaskett and CSN(& Y).

Plaskett's coming to town next month with the Emergency which is awesome, i don't think CSN will be coming by anytime soon.

The new Sam Roberts disc got a 2 star review from the globe and mail, and while i agree with most everything the reviewer said, i disagree with the rating. It is true that the album lacks strong song writing (a real strength of Roberts' first album "we were born in a flame"), but the album sounds really good. The guitars, keyboards, organs, vocals, it's all really strong and well-done. I'd probably give it a 3 and a half star rating out of 5 (if i had to give such a rating).

Sam Roberts is also coming next month, as is my man Matt Mays. And guess who's opening for MM? The Sheepdogs! Woohoo! that's may 9th for the record.

back to studying...

P.S. "Almost Cut My Hair" by CSNY is a wicked song.