Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baby you got me on the run!

So despite the new Sam Roberts album's shortcomings, i just keep on listening to it over and over. It's really weird, because i love to listen to it, yet i don't love the album... I do love a couple tunes on it. "Mind Flood" is probably the best. The first half the band bounces along, just another rock tune, before opening up a huge rock-out session on the final 4 minutes. The transitions between tempos is just awesome.

I threw on Roberts' first full length just now(we were born in a flame) and if i gave the new album 3 1/2 stars, this one gets 4 1/2. Nearly all of the 14 songs are good or better, with a couple standouts like "Taj Mahal". It also makes me realise how the 2 albums are different in their own ways. The first is more a collection of really strong pop-rock tunes. It's better than just a mere collection of snappy tunes thanks to the variety of moods that Roberts hits. The new album (called "Chemical City" by the way) is a bit more unified. It's very moody, and feels a bit more cohesive, that is, most of the songs have the same sort of lost/downer feeling to them. Still it's not that depressing, except for the last song, but mainly for the fact that it sounds like the kind of Ryan Adams song i hate (simple piano chords and heavily reverbed vocals).

still, i just can't stop listening to this disc.


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