Sunday, April 23, 2006


...i've been listening to mainly Joel Plaskett and CSN(& Y).

Plaskett's coming to town next month with the Emergency which is awesome, i don't think CSN will be coming by anytime soon.

The new Sam Roberts disc got a 2 star review from the globe and mail, and while i agree with most everything the reviewer said, i disagree with the rating. It is true that the album lacks strong song writing (a real strength of Roberts' first album "we were born in a flame"), but the album sounds really good. The guitars, keyboards, organs, vocals, it's all really strong and well-done. I'd probably give it a 3 and a half star rating out of 5 (if i had to give such a rating).

Sam Roberts is also coming next month, as is my man Matt Mays. And guess who's opening for MM? The Sheepdogs! Woohoo! that's may 9th for the record.

back to studying...

P.S. "Almost Cut My Hair" by CSNY is a wicked song.


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