Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Radio

We all hate commercial radio for it's lame djs, endless commercials, and above all, the terrible music. Still i thought i'd say a few words after beginning a new job which takes place in an environment where the radio plays:

-i got all primed up for what was advertised as a song from "the BRITISH INVASION!!"...who could it be? some early kinks? maybe a little my generation era who? no...it was fucking bohemian rhapsody! I do love that song, but considering the setup i was most dissapointed.

-Copperhead Road is one of the worst songs of all time

-How are Kiss so popular? They do not rock in my books

-turning the dial from lame programming on c95 to another station, only to find "Up on Cripple Creek" playing really makes your day

-99% of new music played on the radio is absolute crap...it boggles my mind to think that artists like Joel Plaskett are still relegated to indie status, while a whole host of tuneless bands with no idea how to write a melody get played on the radio

Ok, that's enough radio ranting. It's pretty old news. But still! it's infuriating!


Anonymous hannah said...

yes, i agree completely. the radio here sucks hardcore. their program manager plays safe music for the masses. anything that has not done well elsewhere first will never get played on our radio stations. that is why the "hot new music preview" has been on much music for about six months before it ever reaches our airwaves. IT'S TIME TO TAKE SOME CHANCES AND PLAY GOOD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:46 PM  

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